Welcome to my blog- new content on the horizon!!!

Welcome to my blog, everyone!


It took me a bit to start this blog. I believe the fear of failing was roaring in my head. One day, I finally decided to silence that fear and to start anyway. My cousin Diane’s voice with a Jhon Wayne quote was definitely responsible (at least in part) for this.

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. (John Wayne)

I want to briefly explain what the plan will be. There will be 3 weekly posts. Each of them will have a different structure:

Monday of experience: I will share my own personal stories in a prose/diary form.

Education Wednesday: I will write a post on a neuroscience or psychology topic interpreting it through my own personal lens.

Friday of Poetry: I will post 1-2 poems that reflect in some way the topic of mental health.

I hope you will enjoy reading my content!

Let the journey begin!!!!!!