Can you reprogram my brain through my eyes?_EMDR- the new face of Trauma and Attachment therapy!

I am slowly shaping the identity of my blog. Today is Wednesday of ‘education’. This thread will contain posts about neuroscience and psychology. My aim is to attract people that are interested in these fields as well as people who are not usually into any science dealing with the brain.brain

Since my last post dealt with goodbyes, today’s topic will be on the same line of thought, and it will focus on Trauma and Attachment. I will explain what EMDR therapy is and why it is so effective for people who have experienced any type of trauma or that has an attachment disorder.

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization reprocessing. If anyone has thought about REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when reading this acronym, is probably right. This therapy, in fact, uses the movement of the eyes to “reprocess” some of the information our brain has misinterpreted. Similar to our REM phase, in which the eye movement symbolically and literally organizes all our memories, ideas, and experiences acquired during the day. In an EMDR session, the therapist does the opposite work. I will explain myself a little better. Picture a typewriter who starts typing all the info in a blank paper. This is the REM. Now think of a different machine, that has the same characteristics of a typewriter, but that instead of writing on a blank sheet of paper, it shapes and modifies an already existent text. This is EMDR.

The psychotherapist Robin Shapiro has written several books on the subject. She is the face of this new and exciting way of doing therapy.


Last November, I had the fortune of assisting to her presentation on EMDR therapy at the Neuroscience conference in Manhattan at the PlayStation theater. Shapiro’s fantastic energy and calm while explaining this type of treatment was astonishing.

I am not a therapist, but I like studying and using the psychology and neuroscience literature to discuss and interpret some literary texts written in a moment in time in which the modern science was not even in the picture. EMDR contains in its core a literary and artistic mechanism, which I love to analyze and use when thinking about the brain and all its complicated patterns.

Shapiro didn’t only talk about EMDR. She fully presented another type of therapy, which often goes hand in hand with EMDR. I am talking about Ego States therapy, which for the sake of space I will present and explain in my next Wednesday of Education post.

If you are interested in reading more about EMDR:



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